Thursday, September 4, 2008

Emperor Shunzong of Tang

Emperor Tang Shunzong , born Li Song, was the tenth emperor of the Tang dynasty of China. He was created crown prince in 779 and reigned in 805 and lasted less than a year . Shunzong was the eldest son of emperor Emperor Dezong of Tang.

Shunzong was a hardworking and diligent emperor and he employed capable individuals such as Liu Zongyuan, Liu Shunchi, Han Tai, Han Hua as well as many others who supported Shunzong in reforming and rejuvenating the administration. Shunzong also tried to subdue the powers of corrupt eunuchs and its initial result, albeit shortlived, was quite successful thus earning Shunzong's short reign Era of the Yong Zhen Reformation . It gave the Tang dynasty brief stability but in August of 805, Shunzong fell ill after a stroke and was forced by corrupt officials to abdicate in favour of his son.

Shunzong died in the first month of the next year in the Xingqing Palace. It was rumoured he was murdered by corrupt officials. He was 46.

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