Thursday, September 4, 2008

Emperor Zhaozong of Tang

Emperor Tang Zhaozong , born Li Ye, was the 19th emperor of the Tang dynasty of China. He reigned from 889 to 904. Zhaozong was the seventh son of Emperor Yizong of Tang and younger brother of emperor Emperor Xizong of Tang.

During Zhaozong's reign, the Tang dynasty fell into disarray and rebellions broke out throughout the country. Ever since rebellions broke out in 859, a series of successive rebellions followed and the Tang dynasty endured over 25 years of non-stop violence ending with the Huang Chao rebellion in 884 when Zhu Wen sided with the Tang. By Zhaozong's reign, the Tang dynasty existed all but in name. Corruption and civil unrest paralyzed the government and Zhu Wen saw the opportunity to take control of the empire by murdering Zhaozong in 904. Zhu Wen replaced Zhaozong's 13 year old son as a puppet emperor whilst Zhu Wen became the de facto ruler.

Zhaozong's reign lasted almost 16 years and he was buried in He Ling.

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