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Emperor Suzong of Tang

Emperor Suzong of Tang , personal name Li Heng , né Li Sisheng , known as Li Jun from 725 to 736, known as Li Yu from 736 to 738, known briefly as Li Shao in 738, was an emperor of the Tang Dynasty and the son of . Suzong ascended the throne after his father fled to Sichuan during the An Shi Rebellion in 756; Li Heng himself had fled in the opposite direction, to Lingwu, where he was declared emperor by the army. Much of Emperor Suzong's reign was spent in quelling the aforementioned rebellion, which was ultimately put down in 763 during the reign of his son .

During Emperor Suzong's reign, the tradition of eunuchs becoming top-ranked officials began, with Li Fuguo becoming the commander of the imperial guards and possessing nearly absolute power near Emperor Suzong's reign. In 762, with Emperor Suzong gravely ill, Li Fuguo killed Emperor Suzong's wife in a power struggle and shortly after that, Emperor Suzong died of myocardial infarction. He was succeeded by his son Emperor Daizong, who was eventually able to kill Li Fuguo, but the tradition of eunuchs in power had started.

Era names

* ''Zhide'' 756-758
* ''Qianyuan'' 758-760
* ''Shangyuan'' 760-762
* ''Baoying'' 762

Chancellors during reign

* Wei Jiansu
* Cui Yuan
* Fang Guan
* Pei Mian
* Cui Huan
* Miao Jinqing
* Zhang Gao
* Lü Yin
* Diwu Qi
* Xiao Hua
* Pei Zunqing
* Yuan Zai

Personal information

* Father
** Emperor Xuanzong of Tang
* Mother
** Consort Yang, Emperor Xuanzong's concubine, great-granddaughter of the Sui Dynasty official Yang Shida , posthumously honored Empress Wenxian
* Wives
** Crown Princess Wei, daughter of Wei Yuangui , mother of Princes Xian and Quan and Princesses Yonghe and Yongmu
** , mother of Princes Shao and Tong
* Major Concubines
** Consort Wu , mother of Crown Prince Yu and Princess Hezheng, posthumously honored Empress Zhangjing
** Consort Sun, mother of Prince Xi
** Consort Zhang, mother of Prince Tan
** Consort Wang, mother of Prince Bi
** Consort Chen, mother of Prince Jin
** Consort Zhang, mother of Prince Ting
** Consort Pei, mother of Prince Guang
** Consort Duan, mother of Prince Chui
** Consort Cui, mother of Prince Sai
* Children
** Li Yu , né Li Chu , name changed to Li Yu 758, initially the Prince of Guangping , later the Prince of Chu , later the Prince of Cheng , later the Crown Prince , later Emperor Daizong of Tang
** Li Xi , ne Li Dan , initially the Prince of Nanyang, later the Prince of Zhao , later the Prince of Yue
** Li Tan , the Prince of Jianning , posthumously honored the Prince of Qi and then Emperor Chengtian 768
** Li Bi , the Prince of Xiping, died early, posthumously honored the Prince of Wei 762
** Li Jin , initially the Prince of Xincheng, later the Prince of Peng
** Li Xian , initially the Prince of Yingchuan, later the Prince of Yan
** Li Ting , initially the Prince of Dongyang, later the Prince of Jing
** Li Rong , the Prince of Lingchang, died early, posthumously honored the Prince of Yun 762
** LI Guang , the Prince of Xiang
** LI Chui , the Prince of Qi
** Li Sai , the Prince of Zhao
** Li Shao , the Prince of Xing , posthumously honored Crown Prince Gongyi
** Li Tong , the Prince of Ding
** Li Xi , initially the Prince of Huaiyang, died early, posthumously honored the Prince of Song
** Princess Su, initially the Princess Changle
** Princess Xiao, initially the Princess Ningguo
** Princess Hezheng
** Princess Tan, initially the Princess Da'ning
** Princess Ji, initially the Princess Yi'ning
** Princess Yonghe, initially the Princess Baozhang
** Princess Gao, initially the Princess Yan'guang

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