Thursday, September 4, 2008

Emperor Xizong of Tang

Emperor Tang Xizong , born Li Xuan, was the 18th emperor of the Tang dynasty of China. He reigned from 873 to 888. Xizong was the fifth son of emperor and elder brother of emperor .

Xizong's reign was dominated by eunuchs and governmental affairs was delegated to corrupt officials such as Tian Lingmu while Xizong totally ignored his duties. Ordinary citizens suffered under the heavy burden of taxes while famines caused by natural disaster became widespread across the country. In 874, the Wang Xianzhi rebellion broke out followed in 875 by the infamous Huang Chao rebellion that would haunt Xizong's reign for the next decade. In 880, the Huang Chao rebellion even captured the imperial capital of Chang'an and Xizong quickly fled to Sichuan. Both rebellions would ultimately be suppressed however it would cost the Tang dynasty dearly and hasten its downfall.

Xizong died in 888 after reigning for 15 years. He was only 27.

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